Thursday, December 11, 2008

Spa Website Design, Logo Design, Boutique Business Card Design, Beautiful Graphics Sercives

This economical package features a 4-6 page website, ideal for small salons, nail salons, or practitioners working alone such as estheticians and massage therapists. Supply us with the website copy and we'll have your site up in two weeks. Fast and dependable service!

We specialize in beauty-full designs for all types of creative clients. From spas to interior design, stylist to makeup artists, we provide: one of a kind websites, luscious Logo Design, beautiful Brochures and booklets, deluxe Business Card Design, Label Designs and more. Let us create your unique visual identity... from elegant to whimsical, we create luxury design packages with beauty, class, elegance & flair!

Basic Web design Package for Salons:

This economical package features a 4-6 page website, ideal for small salons, nail salons, or practitioners working alone such as estheticians and massage therapists. Supply us with the website copy and your site will be up in two weeks. Fast and dependable service!

This perfect starter package can easily be expanded as your business grows.

  • Chose from several professionally crafted templates (single design interface)
  • Your salon logo inserted onto pages
  • Insertion of your digital photos
  • Light copy editing
  • Set up email accounts
  • Submission to major search engines
  • Guaranteed error free coding
  • Set up hosting account (hosting fee not included)
  • Domain name registration (fee not included)
  • Support package available
This website package can be modified to suit your requirements. For instance, additional pages can be added as required. If you don't have digital photos, we can provide images or we'll be happy to scan your images at reasonable rates.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Low Cost Websites For Beauty Salons - One Secret to Website Success

Websites for beauty salons - if you want to make your beauty salon website a success you need to keep it current and updated regularly. It is not just an online brochure it can be used to keep your potential and existing customers interested and up to date with everything that you do. You can include your latest news, testimonials from happy customers, photos of your latest work, etc.

You need to make sure when you hire a website designer that you use someone who can update and make changes to your website as and when you need it.

If you keep your website up to date not only will it keep your potential and existing customers interested it will also help your website get recognised in the search engines rankings and get people returning to your site when they see you are adding new and interesting content they will come back.

So when you make a decision in choosing a website designer to build a website for your beauty salon, check that they can update your site as and when you need it. It is important that your website designer can keep up with you as you may want to advertise a special offer or event and not being able to have it on your website when you need it could hamper the success of your business.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Design your own logo

A corporate logo is one of the most important steps in building your company's image. With increasing competition in every industry it's more important then ever to set your company apart from the crowd. A professional logo will help you establish brand awareness.

Whether starting a new business, or redefining your company image, the most important part of your corporate identity is a powerful, well planned, professional logo design.

Don't risk the future success of your business by choosing the wrong company to design your logo. So many business owners put too much emphasis on price, often looking to spend the least amount of money on creating their logo. This is one of the worst decisions a business owner can make. Instead of basing this decision on price, businesses should focus on value.

Value vs Price:
When price shopping a customer will try to find the lowest bidder to complete the project. This often leads to inferior results and many frustrating hours of wasted time. It might seem like a good deal because you are paying less for the final product, but if the outcome leaves you with a logo that is poor quality and takes too long to complete, you really end up losing in the end.

Value shopping is a much more rewarding approach. Choose your designer based on quality, professionalism, dependability and creative ability. Turn around time is not as high a priority as quality. You get much better results by being patient and allowing sufficient time for the artist to explore different ideas and creating multiple concepts to choose from.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How much should I pay for a logo?

Logo Design Studio create your corporate and web logos for only $49.99. Logo creation services done within 24 working hours. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. website design and company stationery designing services also available. London, UK. India, JAPAN.

Contact us for more information.......................!

Logo Stockers offers professional Logo at affordable price delivered with complete set of corporate identity and full customization to your satisfacti

To make the campaign successful, it is important to have a dynamic image in form of a logo design to convey your ideas, services and goals to your audience in a very impressive manner. For any business, its identity is that all matters. Whenever you choose a logo design for your services, it is very essential to see that the logo design is professional in look so that it displays your excellence and credibility and convinces the customers to choose your products. Logo Stockers brings you quality logos that are categorized and designed as per market standards and identifying different industries.

Before selecting any logo design, it is very important to research the market and then understand the purpose behind possessing a logo design. There are many important factors that have to be understood while putting a logo design in action. Always have a simple logo design for your business. The logo design should be very attractive to keep your customers engaged. It is always to have a logo designed in vector graphics. The logo design should be adaptable to your business in a long run, even in unstable market situations. Choose the colors for your logo that are complimentary to your business image. The logo design should be relevant to your services If you are a small business enterprise or a startup looking for opportunities, then consult an experienced design firm for your requirement and get a visually appealing logo design for your services. Empower your business with productive logo design services. Logo Stockers is here to help you with your needs.

Logo Stockers have thousands of extensive, best and original logos on the site to choose the right for you. All logos are accompanied with stationery set for your company’s maximum exposure, were final purchase comes with all printable files and customizations to logo purchase are completely FREE.

Are you going to advertise? Don’t until you have a professionally designed instantly recognizable logo by

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Car show web site templates - Home Page

There are many reasons why you should be using our car show web site templates to create your website. One good reason is that high quality images and graphics that we make use of in all our templates. In addition to that we have also made sure that all our website templates make use of professional hand coding and not only that contain proper instructions within the codes. This will ensure that you can edit our car website templates with ease using an html editor like front page, dreamweaver, golive or photoshop. We also offer a reliable website template customization service based on which we will do all the editing for you based on your instructions. This will ensure that you get the complete customized web template in your hands for uploading in your hosting server. So get our car show web site templates and be the proud owner of a professional website related to cars.

Flash web templates free - Home Page

There are many websites that offer flash web templates free of cost but you would not have come across free flash templates half as good as what we have in store for you! The free flash templates are superior is that they come with distinct designs. These designs are created using exceptional graphics and hence will make the templates more appealing. In addition to the designs, you will also find our templates extremely easy to edit as they are of high quality and carry clean coding with clear instructions of where to insert what. These are the qualities that make our free flash header website templates stand apart from the rest. So what are you waiting for? Get our flash web templates free and build yourself a distinct looking personal website that your visitors are sure to love.

Flash Template Design for Bookworms! - Designer

Find yourself a ‘bit of a bookworm? Maybe you are reviewing, publishing or selling books on your own web site? No matter the reason, book lovers and non-book lovers a like will find plenty to love about this flash design template.

Monday, August 18, 2008

SensAble to Provide Custom 3D Design Systems for Design of GlamSmile Dental Veneers

As terms of this agreement SensAble will provide Remedent with a customized version of its touch-enabled 3D modeling system which will be used to design GlamSmile dental veneers. SensAble's 3D modeling technology will add to GlamSmile-certified dental labs worldwide the ability to produce veneers in less time and at lower cost, and with better fit and accuracy.

For patients suffering from severely stained, chipped, misshapen or misaligned teeth, Remedent's GlamSmile veneer system provides a fast, painless and affordable cosmetic dental solution. Interestingly enough, veneers represent a strong segment in the $2.75 billion U.S. cosmetic dentistry market. The market experienced $372 million in veneer revenue alone in 2006 and well-above average market growth rates reported for 2007.

A state-of-the-art system in its own right, the GlamSmile system features a proprietary tray delivery system that lets practitioners seat 10 ultra-thin, custom veneers simultaneously in less than one hour, while preserving tooth structure. One GlamSmile production centers can begin using the SensAble 3D digital modeling system, they will be able to replace the creation of hand-crafted wax models required in today's process of designing GlamSmile veneers for patients.

The agreement allows that SensAble will provide Remedent with GlamSmile Design Software, a tailored veneer modeling application developed by SensAble and based on its 3D modeling software, coupled with SensAble's PHANTOM haptic (touch-enabled) devices. For the first time, GlamSmile technicians will experience force feedback from the SensAble haptic device - so they can actually "feel" the veneers that they are sculpting while viewing them on a computer screen.

Flash/psd/css/template Editing Experts

Looking flash/PSD/css/template editing experts to work for our company on per project basis. Very quick turn around is expected on these international projects so only apply if you have the required expertise. We are open to hiring people with little experience if they are willing to show samples of their flash/template editing work. We are a U.S based company so looking for people to work independently on assigned projects to completion with little guidance.
Required Skills
*Macromedia Flash *Adobe Photoshop *Template / CSS Editing & Splicing
PSD/CSS/Template Editing Experts- Pay Per Contract, BSc., Flash/PSD/CSS/Template Editing Expert, Macromedia Flash Adobe Photoshop Dreamweaver Template CSS, IT - Internet/E-commerce, IT - Internet/E-commerceFlash/psd/css/template Editing Experts- Pay Per Contract

CSS enters Middle East IT services market

According to him, the Middle East region is currently facing a shortage of skills in areas such as networking, application and implementation. "Given this scenario, we believe there is a lot of potential for IT services to be executed by Indian firms," he said.

Software Testing, Lotus Notes, Websphere and RIM services market is estimated to be in excess of $2 billion. Overall IT spending in Middle East market was over $10 billion last year, with over 60 per cent on hardware and 12 per cent on software, said the press release.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Giant Design Pack , Retro Photoshop Brushes And Vector Images

This is a collection of beautiful retro Photo shop brushes & vector images to help you design faster & inspire.Retro and vintage designs are often considered as being outdated, looking old, unattractive and dull. That’s not true. Although compared to modern design, retro is mostly a completely different realm, it has a large variety of benefits modern graphic designers often tend to overlook. And that’s a pity. Because we, as designers, can learn a lot from it.

Nostalgic designs arise feelings, awake memories and better manage to involve broad range of readers even although they don’t really realize it. Furthermore, retro can look cool and offer readers or visitors something they haven’t expected at all. So why not try to impress them with some impressive vintage art for a change?

High Quality, Low-Bandwidth 3D Vector Realism

Swift 3D is the ultimate 3D software for rich media designers. It's the only 3D software to directly integrate with Adobe Flash® through the Swift 3D File Importer and smart layer Technology, and produces unrivaled vector rendering quality and output style options. Swift 3D's toolset and interface allow anyone to quickly create 3D content, while providing a full set of advanced tools to grow into. And with new Papervision3D export, Swift 3D introduces a whole new realm of true 3D possibilities in Flash. Swift 3D is a powerful, easy-to-use 3D solution that delivers high-quality results for an unbeatable price.

Theme Template Free Green and white php-fusion

Theme Template Free Orange Portal e107

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Design: CSS, Themes and Master Pages

Themes are a way to allow programmers to establish "skinnable" websites that can be programmatically adjusted for various purposes. A webmaster may decide that there should be a certain look and feel for site administrators while registered users see a different look and the remaining users see still a different view when they visit the site. This could include, among other things, completely different controls, graphics, and/or color schemes for each group. Users may want to set up a theme specifically targeted to meet the needs of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that removes all images and background colors and leaves the pages in stark contrast for that particular user group. Or maybe the developer just wants to let people choose the way they experience the site each time they visit.

Themes are very powerful and this book aims to highlight the potential of ASP.NET 2.0 Themes as well as their relationship to master pages and CSS in web applications today and illustrate many of the facets that can and should be included in theme development. While not specifically a designer's book, an overview of good web design and even a cheater's guide to PhotoShop will be included with the intent of taking the average ASP.NET Programmer and given them the knowledge to be "Renaissance Men and Women" of web design.

Specific topics covered in the book include:

- Browser, bandwidth, and accessibility considerations

- Use of color, fonts, multimedia

- CSS classes, elements, and Visual Studio CSS tools

- Master pages, child pages, and inheritance

- Consistent navigation and Site Maps

- Theme files, skin files, and applying themes

- A mobile theme example

- Basic PhotoShop tricks for Web Developers

About the Author

Jacob Sanford (Tallahassee, FL) is currently a Project Lead / Senior Developer with the Rapid Application Development Group at the Florida Department of Children and Families. He has been developing in ASP/ASP.NET for more than 8 years including the graphical design of many of the sites be builds. He is a well known expert on ASP.NET themes and design from his extensive presentations to .NET user groups and at regional Code Camps.

YUI Library Moving to CSS-based layouts


The use of the YUI Grids CSS feature of the YUI Library added another level of acceptance via a tested solution. YUI Grids CSS provides a CSS solution for delivering page layouts that divide the page into areas.

A great aspect of the YUI Grids CSS feature is its A-level browser support, which provides the highest support level in terms of browsers. This means you don't have to worry about the quirks in different browsers when using CSS for layout.

CSS layout

YUI Grids CSS offers preset page widths and templates, along with the ability to nest and stack layouts to generate what you need. Yahoo boasts the capability to deliver more than 1,000 layout combinations with it. YUI Grids CSS is part of the YUI Library download.

We used the following features of the YUI Grids CSS feature:

|> The 100% page width is employed via the doc3 id attribute assigned to the overall
|> The entire page is divided into three rows using three
elements. The YUI Grids CSS standard id attributes for header (hd), body (bd), and footer (ft) are used.
|> The header has three rows using two

elements and a

element. The
includes another
that uses YUI Grids CSS features. This includes the 100% page width (doc3 attribute), as well as a preset template that has two columns with the narrower column on the left with a width of 180 pixels. The narrower column is assigned the class id of yui-b with the larger column assigned the yui-main attribute. The two columns are used to ensure the breadcrumb appears above the content area of the page.
|> The middle or body row of the whole page layout is divided into two columns with a left column width of 180 pixels. This is accomplished with a predefined template employed by assigning the yui-t2 class to the body's
container. The smaller left column is designated with the yui-b class assignment, and the main area is designated with the yui-main class assignment.
|> The footer row uses the same approach as the body with two columns -- a left column of 180 pixels.
|> The smaller left column of the body row of the page contains a navigation menu. The menu is created with an HTML unordered list and styled via CSS.
|> The YUI Grids CSS is contained in one CSS file available in the YUI Library download. The file is called grids.css and has a small footprint of 4KB.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pengirim SMS Gratis Free Software Indonesia

Apabila berbicara masalah yang gratis, perhatian kita pasti langsung tertuju padanya. Tidak usah khawatir dan malu karena saya pun emang begitu juga. Beberapa hari yang lalu, saya dapat kiriman software menarik dari seorang teman, namanya yaitu Software pengirm SMS gratis. Wow, enak banget ya kalau bisa ngirim SMS gratis sepuasnya. Karena kang rohman mendapatkan software ini secara gratis, maka tidak ada salahnya apabila saya berikan ke anda secara gratis juga. Kapasitas data yang akan di download sangatlah kecil yaitu sebesar 23Kb, sehingga software ini tidak perlu di install di komputer anda, cukup jalankan dan rasakan manfaatnya. Berikut adalah screenshot dari panel depan software ini

See Kode HTML tampil di posting-an

Nah agar lebih paham akan saya beri contoh, misalkan dalam postingan anda berisi kata-kata seperti ini :

Untuk membuatnya cukup dengan hanya membubuhkan program di bawah ini :

Nah (dari tadi perasaan nah nah melulu , pake kata lain nape!... ) di dalam postingan anda, jika ingin tampil seperti itu maka yang di tuliskan tidak persis seperti kode di atas, sebab nanti di postingan tulisan kode tersebut tidak akan muncul, yang ada justru efek dari kode yang anda tuliskan. trus jalan keluarnya gimana? Seperti yang saya tuliskan pada tabel, anda harus mengganti karakter-karakter perintah yang ada dengan notasi penggantinya, jadi yang harus anda tuliskan pada postingan adalah seperti ini :

Untuk membuatnya cukup dengan hanya membubuhkan program di bawah ini :


<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="10">


Pembubuhan perintah dan adalah untuk menandakan bahwa yang anda tulis adalah sebuah kode HTML, dan nantinya pun tulisan-tulisan yang berada dalam perintah ini akan tanpil beda dengan tulisan-tulisan yang lainnya, sebagai contoh silahkan anda lihat postingan saya yang lainya yang membubuhkan kode-kode HTML. pembubuhan perintah
adalah untuk membuat tulisan berpindah kebawah, jika anda tidak membubuhkan perintah
tadi, walaupun di posting-an anda tulis jauh kebawah, hasilnya akan tetap bersatu.

Huh cape juga ya dari tadi kutak-ketik nih.., itu tadi cara yang pertama. Cara yang kedua adalah dengan menggunakan text area. Cara membuat text area secara lengkap silahkan klik di sini. Sebagai contoh, untuk menuliskan kode-kode di atas, pada posting-an anda harus menuliskan seperti ini :

Untuk membuatnya cukup dengan hanya membubuhkan program di bawah ini :

Memilih Template compamy indonesia

Sekilas tentang template

Mungkin sobat pernah mengunjungi beberapa blog di internet yang menggunakan (blogspot), akan tetapi template yang di gunakan tidak ada dalam pilihan ketika memilih template. Ini ada kemungkinan bahwa template yang di gunakan adalah template buatan bukan dari blogger sendiri.

Di internet banyak sekali situs-situs yang memberikan template secara gratis untuk di pakai di Blogger (blogspot), Jika ingin melihat-lihat berbagai template buatan bukan dari silahkan klik di sini. Tapi perlu di ketahui, karena blogger beta (baru) terbilang masih sangat baru sehingga penyedia template gratis kebanyakan menyediakan template untuk di pakai di template classic. Apakah kita bisa merubah dari template baru ke template klasik? Jawabannya bisa. Ini bisa anda lakukan dengan cara :

Klik menu "template", trus klik "Edit HTML". Kemudian lihat ke bawah layar akan ada tulisan "Revert to Classic Template" silahkan klik tulisan ini kalau mau pindah dari template baru ke template klasik. Tapi ada satu hal yang harus sobat ketahui, jika sobat berpindah dari template baru ke template klasik, sobat akan kehilangan fasilitas kemudahan dari blogger berupa hilangnya menu "Fonts and Color" serta "Page Elements", sehingga apabila sobat belum mengerti soal cara mengotak-atik kode HTML, niscaya akan mengalami kerepotan pada waktu mengedit sesuatu (menambah atau mengurangi suatu element). Jadi pikir-pikir dahulu sebelum sobat memutuskan untuk merubah dari template baru ke template klasik. Jangan tergoda dengan template yang cantik dari penyedia blog template gratis, apabila sobat belum bisa mengotak-atik kode HTML nya.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eye template for blogger

I love this template. Thanks! I have one question…has anyone added a scroll bar to pages that have a lot of text? One page I created has a few paragraphs so they run over the stationary bottom bar and you can’t scroll down to see them when on a smaller screen. Any help would be great! more

Blogger cinema templates

Mashable realizo otra de sus grades recopilaciones, en este caso 70 templates modernos para blogger. Los que conocemos la plataforma de google para bloggear sabemos de sus limitados diseños, y encontrar plantillas lindas no es facil. Read mare..

Monday, July 21, 2008

Style Vectors - Create Sketchy

Illustrator is great for creating clean and precise illustrations, but some of the time you don’t want clean and precise. There are many illustrations that call for a sketchy or hand-drawn feel. Creating these effects are relatively easy with Illustrator’s Live Trace, Live Paint, Brushes and the ability to create you own brushes. Check out some of my sketchy illustrations on iStock for more inspiration.

Style Brushes 30 Free Sketchy

When creating the previous Create Sketchy-Style Vectors tutorial, I created a number of brushes. I started playing around with the brushes and was happy with the results. I ended up create more of the brushes so I can distribute them. These brushes are great for creating sketchy or grungy vectors. Just apply the brushes to any path or object!

Files to Photoshop - Export Illustrator

I love working in Illustrator, but ever once and a while, I need to export a file to Photoshop. Illustrator gives you the ability to export to Photoshop while preserving important information. You can export Layers, Color Profiles, Resolution Specification, and Text Preservation. This is great for exporting website wireframes or sprucing up illustrations.Go File > Export and choose Photoshop (psd) for the Format option, to bring up the Photoshop Export Option dialog. Here you can change the Resolution, Color Profile, Layer Options, Text Edibility, and so on. One thing to note is that your Document Color Mode has to match the Color Model in the export options for the ability to Write Layers.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Free Vector Art and Vector Spring Flowers

Do you want some free vectors? I recently created a set of vector spring flowers for You the Designer. While you download the vectors, check out some of the other great posts! When you look at the files, you will see some of the techniques used from my tutorial Shiny Buttons Without Blends or Transparencies. These flowers are a great example of applying the tutorial’s simple techniques.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SEO Services UK SEO Consulting Services UK

Web Designing
Easyway2host is house of highly skilled web designers offering innovative designing solutions at unmatched price. We cater our design services to diverse of industries and we are specialized in designing e-commerce web sites. Our web design solutions improve your online presence and make quick returns on your investments.

SEO Services

Easyway2host is the best choice to grow your revenue and increase brand awareness. Our strategic approach saves your money and time. First we identify your market and research for business relevant key words that target is to attain high search engine positions with our ethical practice. We offer various SEO services like SEM, Link Popularity Building, PPC, SEO Copy Writing and SEO consulting services.

Web Development

Easyway2host is leading web Development Company using cutting edge technologies to deliver search engine and customer friendly solutions. Our web development service costs are down to earth and meet all types of requirements. We are appreciated by our clients with our featured and timely services.

Windows Hosting Services

Windows Hosting Services at Easyway2host are reliable and secure and offering unparallel packages. Powerful tools of Windows servers reduce time, deployment costs and increase productivity. Our lucrative Windows Hosting Services enable cost-saving data compression, optimized performance and reduce administrative time and our technical support available 24/7.
Linux Hosting Services
Easyway2host is stable source for Linux Hosting and no other hosting facilitator gives as complex as our load balancing system. Our Linux servers are most reliable and stable and our Linux servers are ultimate choice for applications developed by PHP, Perl or MySQL. Our Linux servers offer immense of features with guaranteed maximum uptime 99 % and you could have any file extension.

Cheap Hosting Services

Even though our hosting services are inexpensive, it doesn’t mean compromise with quality and it is possible for us as we split expenses among the huge number of our customers. Our cheap hosting packages inclusive of unlimited emails accounts, promised high up time, 24/7 technical support, multiple domains, unlimited FTP access and unlimited MySQL DB.

You the Designer Exclusive! Vector Art Free Download - Envelope Icon Set

Our latest edition to our exclusive free vector art collection is this awesome and extensive envelope icon set created by our good friend and talented illustrator Phil Earley. This set features a variety of different envelopes and folders of different sizes which we foresee being extremely useful for many print and web design projects. We hope you love this vector art free download as much as we do, it has to be one of our favorite icon set giveaways to date!

What type of icon set are you dieing to get your hands on? Let us know in the comments and we will try to make it happen!

Logo Design Studio Pro improves SVG support

Logo Design Studio Pro helps users looking for a creative logo to add to their stationery or corporate letterhead with more than 500 pre-designed logo templates. It sports Bezier curve-based editing tools, Boolean operations, more than 100 filters, alignment tools and other capabilities suitable for design environments.

If you are looking for an attractive logo design and at an affordable price, then you have come to the right place. It does not matter whether you're a small one-person startup business, a huge multinational company or anything in between. You will receive the same attention to detail and creative energy from the designers you choose. Our designers continually push the boundaries of graphic design to come up with cutting edge designs that are bound to project the image you want.


Intelegencia Analytics

What is vector marketing scam ?

Vector Marketing is the sales firm subsidiary of Alcas Corporation, a company that manufactures a diverse line of kitchen knives and accessories by the name of Cutco. The company doesn’t sell its product in stores, but rather through a one-on-one approach that involves personal demonstrations in the homes of potential customers on an appointment basis – the no cold-calling strategy is just another attractive aspect of job.

The opportunity for large profit is undeniable. Vector offers a guaranteed base pay of $16 per appointment or a weekly commission if it exceeds the money you earn from appointments. Commission varies from 10-30% based on your success, and even if you don’t make a sale you are guaranteed the $16 base pay. Considering that Cutco’s most popular knife set costs just under $1200, a Vector representative can earn well over $100 in just one appointment based on commission.

Troy Winkelman, a 19-year-old student from Wisconsin who worked at a ventilation fans manufacturer prior to Vector, was able to make $550 in just three hours of work.

“[Through Vector] I just paid for tuition, room, meals, gas, insurance, and repairs on my car,” said the Wisconsin College sophomore.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

ベクター、読者管理と課金に対応したブログサービス“Vector maglog”を発表

“Vector maglog”は、ブログ機能に加え、掲示板、アンケート、メールマガジン、カレンダーの機能を利用できる拡張型のブログサービスで、読者管理を行なえる のが特徴。読者管理機能により、読者会員として登録した人だけにコンテンツを公開したり、メールマガジンを配信したりできるようになっている。ブログ機能 では、文字/画像のほか、音声/動画/プログラム/データファイルなど、1ファイルで最大60MBのデータをアップロードすることも可能(データ保存容量 は500MBまで)。動画などの配信は、ダウンロード/ストリーミング/ポッドキャスティングの3種類で行なえる。


“Vector maglog”は、ソフトウェアダウンロードサイト“Vector”でソフトを提供している“ソフトウェアライブラリ”の作者を対象に7月上旬から試験提供を開始する予定。

それに先行して、6月1日から、同社が運営するMMORPG“MicMacオンライン”のクローズドβテスト開始に合わせ、“MicMac maglog”を先行して開設し、クローズドβテスト参加者を対象に“Vector maglog”により情報を提供するとしている。

ベクター、ブログサービス“Vector maglog”β版の提供を開始

(株)ベクターは24日、ブログサービス“Vector maglog(ベクターマグログ)”のオープンβサービスを、同日付で開始すると発表した。利用料金は無料。

“Vector maglog”の最大の特徴は、読者管理機能を備えている点。同サービスでブログを作成したユーザーは、自分のブログを読者登録したユーザーに対して、読 者だけがアクセスできる記事やコンテンツを公開したり、掲示板を提供したり、メールマガジンを発行したりすることができるため、ブログ読者を対象にした会 員制サイトとして運営することが可能だ。



Saturday, July 12, 2008

Transfer information from Flex to PHP using JSON

Charlie Key, who helps run a great blog at Paranoid Ferret with some excellent tutorials, has published an article on the Flex developer center about transferring information from Flex to PHP using JSON. A worthwhile read if you're interested in building RIAs with Flex and PHP on the backend.

The Absolute Coolest, Sexiest Flex Application. Ever.

Tour Tracker 2.0 uses GPS on the bike riders to track their position in real time, streaming the data down to the Flex application using Flex Data Services. The bikers positions are displayed over top of a map, with a number of different views into the current bike stage. Information directly from the bikers, into space, then back down to a cluster of servers, sent to clients in real time and displayed over top of a map showing the actual position of the riders at any time. How do I explain that to my grandma who still can't understand a CD?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bitboys Intros Vector Graphics Processor for Mobile Devices

New Bitboys G12 processor renders vector graphics at 60 frames per second
Bitboys, a provider of graphics hardware IP solutions for wireless and embedded devices, today announced the new Bitboys G12 mobile vector graphics processor that enables fast, power-efficient and enjoyable vector graphics on devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.

Bitboys products are licensed to semiconductor and mobile phone manufacturers as IP (Intellectual Property) cores that are integrated into the manufacturers? SoC (System-on-Chip) semiconductor products. Bitboys is the only company that offers a dedicated vector graphics processor for mobile and embedded environments.

The Bitboys G12 is an extremely compact vector graphics processor that supports hardware rendering of both SVG Tiny 1.2 and OpenVG 1.0 graphics. The Bitboys G12 offers rendering performance of over 60 frames per second ? a more than 100-fold improvement over software-based vector graphics rendering. The processor operates at extremely low power consumption levels and requires very little CPU capacity.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ARM Announces new Vector Graphics Products to Set the Standard for Next Generation Mobile User Interfaces

ARM designs the technology that lies at the heart of advanced digital products, from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive, security and storage devices. ARM's comprehensive product offering includes 16/32-bit RISC microprocessors, data engines, graphics processors, digital libraries, embedded memories, peripherals, software and development tools, as well as analog functions and high-speed connectivity products. Combined with the company's broad Partner community,
they provide a total system solution that offers a fast, reliable path to market for leading electronics companies. More information on ARM is available at

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Free Vector Graphics - Orange Computer Icons

Exclusive You The Designer Free Vector Graphics

Looking for some free computer icons to enhance your website design? These icons are available for download exclusively on You the Designer. We want to thank the guys over at Designious for providing us with this free vector pack. Be sure to check out their own vector packs, vector illustrations and vector t-shirt designs!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SJI Forms South Jersey Energy Solutions, LLC; New Company Becomes Umbrella Company for Non-Regulated Subsidiaries

"This new structure will allow our non-regulated companies to become more efficient operationally and to maximize their effectiveness in the marketplace by taking advantage of their natural synergies," said Graham.

Renna will lead a management team that includes:
Kenneth DePriest, vice president, South Jersey Resources Group;
Robert Fatzinger, vice president, South Jersey Energy Service Plus;
David Robbins, treasurer; and Jane Kelly, general counsel & secretary.

South Jersey Industries is an energy services holding company for South Jersey Gas, South Jersey Energy Solutions, LLC and SJI Services, LLC. Visit for more information about SJI and its subsidiaries.

What should you be looking for from an umbrella company?

Umbrella companies cannot dictate what an individual can claim as expenses – only the Inland Revenue can do that. Some companies advertise a ‘special dispensation’ and imply that the expenses listed are those that you are entitled to claim, this is not the case. To claim a cost as an expense you must be able to prove that it is ‘wholly and exclusively incurred in carrying out the duties of the employment’. Basically, if you haven’t spent it you can’t claim it, if you can’t prove you spent it you can’t claim it and if you can’t prove that you incurred the cost because of the contract you can’t claim it.

A dispensation is purely a list of expenses that your umbrella company is not compelled to record on a P11D. Normally when expenses are paid to an employee a Company is required to complete a P11D. A dispensation means this is not necessary for umbrella companies for those expenses which it covers. All umbrella companies have dispensations.

Still within the thorny subject of expenses – you must therefore obtain a receipt for any and every expense that you claim. If you claim an expense and you cannot prove that you have incurred the cost an Inland Revenue investigation would result in you having to pay the underpaid tax; if the Inland Revenue considered that you were trying to avoid paying tax by falsifying expense claims you could also be fined. Any umbrella company that claims that you are protected from Inland Revenue investigation is lying – it is a simple as that!

All umbrella companies will advertise that they are IR35 compliant simply because the legislation becomes irrelevant as you have no option but to be paid via PAYE. However, the Inland Revenue will never ‘approve’ an umbrella company or their expenses policy and you should be wary of any company that makes such a claim.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hypercolor T shirts, Members Only Jackets, and Logos?

A few weeks ago, Art Gallery of Ontario unveiled a new logo. The new AGO logo was designed by Bruce Mau of Done by Toronto . I’m not really sure what I think of it. Sometimes when I look at the logo it gives me a headache and other times I find myself wanting to tight roll my jeans and bust out my old Members Only jacket.

I never thought that logo design would be cyclical to the point that we went back to using colors and design like 2012 Olympics and AGO. I suppose that both are memorable for being different, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good logo.

Logo Design Podcast 17: S I M P L I F Y

In our 17th Podcast installation, Paul talks about simplifying your logo. Things such as tag lines, too many colors, awkward readability, too many words, trademark symbols etc., often are the single biggest detriment to a well designed logo/website etc.

By focusing on the essentials, you allow passers-by to quickly focus on them as well. Generally the 3 second rule is the standard to live by. If someone cannot visually ingest and comprehend your logo in 3 seconds or less, get out the scissors and start trimming!

Logo Design Podcast 16: How to Remake and Refresh an Existing Logo

Paul shows a very easy way to satisfy the customer in maintaining multiple aspects in a logo, if absolutely necessary. Good design starts with simplicity, but in cases where that is not possible…here ya go!

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Love Letter to Flash

Dearest Flash,

It's come to my attention that even in the past year, people have continued to be unkind to you, calling you useless, annoying, and the bane of a content-driven internet. I've heard that your reputation continues to be marred by certain miscreants who abuse you and say all manner of insult against you. It's not your fault that you've been mishandled and forced to do things that you were never meant to do. So I write this letter as a reaffirmation of my love to you, letting you know why I will continue to love and support you.

First, I love how you continually keep yourself fresh, changing on almost a yearly basis. I know that most of the arguments against you are based on who you were 5 years ago, when you were still dressing in Actionscript 1.0 and using those silly shape tweens (I've finally forgiven you for those). Over the last few years, you have won over this programmer's heart with object-oriented modeling, unified event handling, and a new virtual machine. Even your graphical advances like blending effects and custom anti-aliasing have made the designer in me smile. Such versatility has great potential and I've even seen it at work in more complex websites like Road Runner's (to be honest, I couldn't believe it was you at first).

Furthermore, you have brought so much beauty and yes, even accessibility, to many industries. Who would ever use YouTube if it required Real Media Player? Or who would visit Kongregate only to find Java-based games? Where would I get my creative fix if not for You continue to make photography vibrant and education fun. You've even visited the business sector, providing clean visualizations for Google Analytics and Yahoo Finance.

10 Absolute "Nos!" for Freelancers

1) Can you show me a mock-up to help us choose a designer/developer? No.
I fell for this once when I was young and naive. I made no money and wasted lots of time. Don't do unpaid work for the chance to be paid -- this wouldn't fly in any other industry, so why web design? The best case scenario (though rare) is that you get a job with a client who knows that you'll work for free when necessary. The worst case scenario is that they don't pay you, and still use your stuff, knowing you don't have the legal resources to do anything about it. Most likely though, you’ll just waste time.

2) Can you give us a discount rate? No.

There are A LOT of companies out there that do not see web design as a service worth more than $20 an hour. These should never be your clients. In my early post-college years, I used to value "getting the job" so highly, I would take on an inordinate amount of work for the pay. Let me tell you that it's not worth it. Ever. Remember, you may be doing this company a favor, but on the flip side, you're hurting your own future, and your family's. Nowadays, I give my hourly rate immediately, and it weeds out many potential clients. It's simple math really -- if doubling your rate loses half your client work, then you're still making as much in half the time. If you do excellent work, get paid for it – there will always be comparable "firms" charging double what you are.

3) Will you register and host my site? No.
Sure it seems like a good idea -- free recurring revenue right? Well, maybe... if you can first get them to pay, and then if you can justify making $10 a month for the endless phone support you'll have to give at all hours of the night. You see, once the client thinks that you are responsible for their email and website functionality, you WILL get called all the time when their email shows the slightest wavering or their website 404s for any reason on their home computer. Believe it or not, I've even known someone who had a client call about his cell phone functionality just because my friend hosted his site. Don't do's not worth it. Give them a registrar and hosting company and let them sign up themselves.

4) Can you copy this site? No.
Now you may think that I answer "No" strictly from a moral standpoint, and although that is true, there are other equally important reasons. First, if they're copying a site, they have shady ethics themselves and the chances of you getting paid on time and in the full amount are unlikely. Second, doing this type of work reduces you to a monkey, and although some of your work may be like this to pay the bills, why purposely pursue it? Third, if it's a true copy, the only benefit you may receive is payment - you really won't get to use it for a portfolio or example work, and furthermore, this type of client is one you do not want work from in the future.

5) Can I pay for my e-commerce site from my website sales? No.
I hate to be the pessimist, but when I am asked this, I want to tell them that they most likely won't make any money so they might as well ask me to do it for free. Yes, I know there are exceptions, so sometimes I will ask them about their business, marketing, and revenue plans, which 99% of them don't have. They just thought that selling t-shirts would be a novel idea for the internet. I usually go into a spiel about having to support me and my family, and I can't do it with speculative work -- I then recommend Yahoo! Shopping or CafePress, and 9 times out of 10, they never get their site up anyways.

6) I have a great idea. Do you want to...? No.
Not much different from #5, but could be a much larger time waster if you buy in. Again, not trying to be a jerk, but if the person adds little to the potential business outside of speaking an idea, then any work you proceed to do is mere charity (which may be okay with you). But to be honest, I'd rather be charitable with my family and friends and make them partners for free versus partnering with a stranger. Trust me, if someone really has a great idea, he will make you partners AND pay you as well.

7) Do you have an IM account? No.
I might give it out if it's to a person I can trust during an intensive project, but as a general policy, I tell clients that it's my general policy not to. The reason here is obvious -- you have a life and other clients beyond them. Many clients see you as an on-call employee, and this is bad. This is why you quit your day job...

8) Can I just pay the whole amount when it's done? No.
I require 50% up front (unless it's a huge job -- then maybe 33%). I need that assurance that they have "bought in" on this project, and that I can plan on the income, pay bills, and eat. People who want to pay at the end are much more likely to back out after you've done tons of work.

9) Is there any way you could get this done tonight or this weekend? No.
Once they know that you helped them out one time, they will expect it in the future. Now you might choose to get extra done at night (I do all the time), but don't start making promises about getting things done at night or on the weekends/vacation. I know a lot of freelancers that charge night/weekend hours as well, so that might be a possible route to take. Because the reason you freelance is for the freedom, right? Right?

10) Can I be sure you won't use this work in anything else? No.
This is a very sensitive subject because most clients misunderstand it (intellectual property is a tricky subject anyways). In my Terms and Conditions that I require all new clients to sign, I make sure they know that (1) their code has utilized code from other projects which I haven't charged them for, and (2) I will probably use code from their project on other projects, and (3) they own the code and implementation of the project (finished website), but not the actual code pieces (login system, image uploader, etc.). I pride myself in productivity and speed, and I need to use other code all the time to accomplish this. Not to mention that I sell stock Flash which I may need old code to help build. They're not paying you to create code that they in turn will sell, so make sure they know that it's the implementation and not the coding that's theirs.

There are others I'm sure. Feel free to add your own and remember, it's the opportunities you avoid that will define your success just as much as the ones you take...

Note: I've gotten a good deal of traffic and comments on this post the last few days. Now that you've finished, keep this in mind: this post is by no means a systematic, all-inclusive look at the relationship of freelancers and clients. In fact, I am much more likely to work all night for a client just because I love the client and/or project; however, such observations are moot in a post that is defining the negatives of freelancing. So don't think that this list is a holistic philosophy, but merely a guide that has helped me avoid some pitfalls I myself have fallen into.

8 Web Design Mistakes That Developers Make

Now I understand that a programmer may never need to know anything about design (or for that matter, a designer doesn't ever need to program). But the truth is, every programmer has personal projects, frugal clients, or management roles that require design. Furthermore, I can say that often, a freelancer's greatest asset in pitching potential clients is their keen understanding of the entire website building process. So coming from someone who studied as a developer but now also does design (or at least attempts to), here are 8 mistakes I've either heard or made myself.

"I Know What Looks Good (and I Have Photoshop)"
It's one thing to be a bad designer. It's a far worse matter to be a bad designer and think that you're good. Every good designer has a well-calibrated "design compass" that comes from constantly looking at good designs. You need to spend time looking at great designs from sites like TheFWA, FaveUp, Design is Kinky, and my personal favorite, the Behance Network. You might also want to pick up the occasional design magazine like HOW or print (note that both are U.S. magazines and may be more expensive internationally). Just as good programmers enjoy looking at (and usually critiquing) other people's code, a good designer is always scanning other people's work, whether it be a website or billboard or menu. Without a good "design compass," no amount of Photoshop filters will save you.

8 Reasons to Redesign Your Blog

1. Things Have Gotten Messy
Blogs evolve over time and although your layout and navigation seem intuitive to you, you've also been looking at it every day. Furthermore, you've probably added new sections and ideas along the way, finding ways to fit the content in a design that might not support it. Since a blog's core is its content, sometimes you need to clean up your existing design to make access to this content easier.

2. Your Brand Needs Refocusing
As noted, blogs tend to evolve with new ideas all the time. Furthermore, the goals you originally had for your site have either been reached or have drastically changed. Consider what your new goals are and change your site accordingly. Just make sure you plan for the next year, not just the next month.

3. The Community Needs Improving
Although the camaraderie among bloggers is strong, blogs in and of themselves aren't really "communities" since only a tiny percentage of visitors ever participate in the comments. However, there is still great value amongst those who do choose to participate, so it's always good to promote that. One method of promoting community started here are group advice posts. Another is adding robustness to your comment section, using features like avatars (we're now using gravatars), comment threading, and email notification.

4. You've Ignored Your Own Advice
We bloggers can be quite didactic at times, listing out rules and reasons for various activities, including blogging. So depending on your topic, just make sure your blog is in line with the advice you dispense. If you're a blogger who covers websites, you should probably have decent standards of XHTML and CSS. (Yes, that means we finally replaced the tables in the sidebar with CSS [although there are still other tasks that need attention]).

5. It Makes Business Sense
No need to beat around the bush...if you need a better layout for advertising or sales, then do it. Blogging can be quite the timely exercise, so if you can cover some time and expense, you should plan for it. Just do it in a tasteful way, remembering that you always need content and visitors first. There's nothing shameful with making money (says this author who's currently reading Atlas Shrugged).

6. The People Demand It
You should always file away suggestions the you've received from others. Chances are, your visitors are a bit more objective about your site than you are. So if people say that your navigation is confusing, then that means that your navigation is confusing. Your blog's success is directly proportional to your visitors' perception of it. Take their advice.

7. The Analytics Demand It
I would also suggest that occasionally, you check your visitor analytics and have a pretty good idea of where your traffic comes from, what they click on, and what pages they leave from. Although such data can be misinterpreted a hundred different ways, if there are obvious flags (like a high bounce rate or a low average visit time), you should try to address them with a new design.

8. You Really, Really Want To

It's your blog, and if you really want to redesign it, then go for it. Although the objective reasons above should play a part in the decision, if you're passionate about a redesign (or anything else for that matter), excellence often follows. Just don't get carried away to the point that your content creation becomes secondary to your design creation.

6 Places that Flash Does Not Belong

1. Website Intros
Let's get the obvious out of the way. Websites exist for their visitors, not the other way around. I see almost no use ever for a Flash intro (or really, any website intro), unless your website strategy includes annoying visitors and wasting other people's time. This isn't to say that you shouldn't have a decent preloader or a smooth transition into your site, but anything more than a second or two of Flash before the actual site is a bad idea.

2. Sites with SEO Objectives
Although it's possible to get semi-decent SEO rankings in certain situations for a Flash site, you're just not going to achieve the kind of SEO success for a Flash site that you can for an HTML equivalent. Granted, SEO isn't an easy game to play even if you don't use Flash (see our SEO tutorial), but if your website strategy has any SEO expectations, stay away from it.

3. Menus/Navigation on an HTML Site
Menus have a singular and key function on every website -- to get visitors quickly to the content they want. The words "pretty," "cool," or "smooth" should never be in the same league as "accessible" when it comes to navigation. A Flash menu runs the risk of leaving many users stranded (not everyone has Flash, including an increasing user base that surfs with mobile devices). Furthermore, search engines won't get around too well on a website that lacks true links for its menus. And if you really can't live without the "cool" menus, there are more than enough DHTML/Javascript based menus that can transform simple list tags into great looking navigation systems.

4. Informational/Content Sites
A couple years ago, I did a website for a large church organization that had dozens of menu items and many pages of content per menu item. They insisted on a Flash site where you never had to use the browser scroll, and at the same time, it should look just like an HTML site (which of course, begs the question, "Why are we using Flash?"). Needless to say, they ended up with a very cumbersome website that costs much more than an HTML site, both to build and maintain. Furthermore, visitors complained about the site usability, preferring even a simple text-only site where they could actually get the information they wanted. In general, you'd be surprised how often a visitor will take information accessibility over a great-looking Flash one. If your website's primary purpose is delivering informational content, avoid Flash.

5. E-Commerce

Anyone who has followed the development of the Flash platform will concede that it has come a long way in terms of functionality and programmatic flexibility. With the advent of Flex, Flash is more equipped for application-type usage than ever before. There are even some really great-looking examples of stores built on Flex. However, I think Flash for e-commerce should still be avoided for two primary reasons:

a) Flash stores can still be pretty complex. Your typical HTML e-commerce site is straight-forward with a catalogue, account, and checkout system, all of which can be edited and modified independently with relative ease. Although a Flash store will have the same basic components, you're still dealing with a platform with more integrative complexity and less room for error. In the last few months, I've come across two websites that have attempted to implement a Flash e-commerce solution. On both, I managed to somehow find a weird functionality bug, and having lost confidence in the site, went elsewhere for my purchase. So unless you have a great Flash developer and a solid understanding of consumer UI, stick to non-Flash e-commerce for now.

b) E-commerce conventions are very powerful. For the last decade, online shoppers have become accustomed to how e-commerce sites work. Any great derivation from what they're used to will often result in lower ROI. Although some Flash carts look really snazzy and have more functionality than their HTML counterparts, the proof is always in the customer conversion rate. And having worked on and seen sites that have attempted both types of carts, even "ugly" HTML e-commerce sites will often outperform Flash carts. Online consumers are used to clicking on items, not dragging items to a "cart section." They want to click "Add to Cart" and "Checkout" and go from page to page. Sure, this may change in the coming years, and yes, innovation is a good thing, but e-commerce conventions still hold too strong a sway to go with Flash e-commerce just yet.

6. Sites Requiring Heavy Management

Although Flash has a few solid options for content management, if you or your client will be constantly editing a website, Flash can easily become more of a hurdle in keeping it updated. This is mainly because clients always end up wanting to edit more than you tell them is possible. And there are few things worse in a freelancing business than maintaining parts a Flash site for years. If you know a client has high maintenance needs, make sure you address such future issues before even starting the site.

Of course, there are some websites where Flash can be a good choice or at least a "possible" choice. Some such sites include portfolios, promotional sites (movies, product "exploration" sites, etc.), sites with videos or games, and small boutique sites for creative agencies or possibly high-end design products (and even then, it's never a bad idea to have either an intermediary HTML portion or a full-fledged HTML version). Just don't ever forget that every website has a primary purpose, and if Flash doesn't contribute to that, it's probably a detriment and a liability.

Wake Up Later, Advertising, and Projects-a-Plenty

Blog Advertising
Today, I finally added an advertising section, figuring it'd be nice to cover the dedicated server, broadband, giveaways, and the occasional website conference trip. Until now, I've used the occasional affiliate link and a direct ad sale or two when requested (just enough to cover the server and fuel my beef jerky habit). As for many of the other monetization methods, I usually find them too "unnatural" for my taste.

Online Projects
These are the projects for which I budget most of my caffeine. I'm an evangelist of the fact that if you have decent design/development/writing skills and experience, you should either get involved in someone's startup project or start your own. So I have a couple projects of my own that I'm always working on. If you're mildly interested, you can check out Sola Interactive for the latest (lack of) news.

The Long and Short
Although the above are enjoyable, it's still freelancing that pays the bills (although sometimes, I think that I only freelance so I can do the other stuff). Currently, I'm mostly working with Flash, .Net, and the occasional CSS design/buildout.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

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Top uk design companies

I didn’t think I was going to get here this month what with serious hosting problems (I know this is going to have a kick-back at some time) and my sheer impatience in waiting in phone queues (just over an hour to get answered and that was at the quiet time).

But hey, here they are… the latest stats on those UK companies that KNOW how to rank their site properly. Getting high positions in Google is one thing, knowing how to get your site listed highly across the major three engines is something else and that’s why these companies below deserve their special mention month after month.

Top 10 Things to See at the London Design Festival

It’s the official launch of the London Design Festival tomorrow, which will precipitate thousands of people to leave their own little corner of the city or the world and start zig-zagging across town in order to take in the latest and greatest innovations in design. As the Festival gets larger and longer every year, the variety of talent on show grows as well and the zig-zagging becomes more frenzied. Fortunately CH is here to point you in the right direction. The big shows such as 100% Design, Tent London and Designers Block are easy to identify, so below you’ll find 10 recommendations for some smaller gems in alphabetical order. We hope it saves you some time and some foot-ache.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Accessibility website greenwich

Our accessibility web services are here to assist you in making your website accessible so that legal requirements are met.

A recent Disability Rights Commission (DRC) report highlights the fact that over 80% of UK websites fail to meet the basic requirements of disabled people and that these website operators face severe compensation payments for non-compliance with existing legislation.

The Disability Discrimination Act clearly states that organisations must offer Internet information in an accessible form if it is "reasonable" to do so.

In the UK , by making an Internet service inaccessible you potentially lose 10 million disabled customers.

Some methods of presenting information result in Internet web-sites which are unreadable by some visually impaired computer users. Designers often misuse the internet programming language HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) to create visual effects.

Accessible web design london

Accessibility is about making your website accessible to people with disabilities and is a legal requirement under the Disability Discrimination Act. More than one in seven of the U.K. population (about 8.5 Million) have some form of disability which can inhibit their use of your web site if their needs are not taken into consideration in the design process. That's a lot of potential viewers!
Disabled people represent a market for goods and services estimated at £33b each year. (RADAR web site - consultancy services). However the Disabled Rights Commission (DRC) claim that this figure is actually £40b.

Disabled people are more likely to use the internet for research, entertainment and the purchase of goods and services than any other distinct group in society.

Just make sure the web designers you choose have a full understanding of the design issues related to accessibility - just like us! Then you can be confident that your website can be explored by everyone and that you are not heading for a law suit from a disgruntled user.

Interior design residential domestic london

There are few who have mastered the art of fine residential interior design. Perla Lichi is one of them. Her award-winning home interior design firm offers everything you would expect from one of the top interior design firms, including:

1- A design tailored specifically for you - Long before the first swatch is selected, Perla Lichi and her team will get to know you and your unique tastes and needs. Then they will present a selection of interior design ideas that combine your lifestyle and your home's architecture to achieve comfort, balance, harmony and beauty. The result is a home that is an expression of you and your family.

2- Uncompromising attention to detail - Whether you select the lushness of traditional European decorating, or the sleek minimalist look of modern interior design, the firm will coordinate every aspect of your design project for a seamless look through out your home, office or room.

3- A complete palatte of design styles - A Perla Lichi design is not limited to one or two decorating styles. From crisp modern to rich Old World to soothing Zen interior decorating, each and every aspect of your project will be coordinated to bring out the true essence of your chosen style.

4- The flexibility to handle your project, regardless of size - Whether you are looking for a dramatic bedroom interior design makeover, a new floor to ceiling look for your entire home, or a property-wide redesign, your large or small project will be addressed with the same level of professionalism and care.

5- Functional designs to make daily life easier - When it comes to your home, you need a design that makes your daily life simple. Especially in the bath or kitchen, interior decorators can help you select the right appliances, fixtures and storage to make your home not only beautiful, but also functional. And in the bedroom, interior design can be combined with good planning to make your room restful, the lighting perfect, or the window treatments just right for framing the view or filtering out the midday sun. Perla Lichi can help you combine the practical with the beautiful in every room in your home.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Watch Obsession Online Shop

Yesterday saw the release of a new online shopping facility for Watch Obsession built by London Web Design.

I had previously built a simple brochure style website as a temporary measure for Watch Obsession and over the past few weeks have been working on an eCommerce solution for the business. Now they have a website with fully featured online shopping facilities allowing people to purchase their products online. Behind the scenes is of course an administration centre allowing the business staff to add and update their product catalogue, process orders and generally run the online business.

Watch Obsession themselves sell top of the range watches, straps and accessories for people with an ‘obsession for watches’. I spoke to the owners yesterday and they have already had some feedback about their new website, all of it positive, which is great news for them, great news for me and great news for their customers.

I shall be working on some new additions to the site in the near future and wish them all the best for their online watch shop.

Website Design for Dental Practice in Wales

Web Design has just started work on the development of a website for Bryn Siriol Dental Practice.

Bryn Siriol Dental Practice based in Mold, north Wales offer a range of dental care services for all the family. Their new website will outline the dental services they offer and provide other information about the practice, including a ‘Meet the Team’ page.

The website will be easy to navigate and conform to modern web standards making it both accessible and search engine friendly whilst having a modern, clean and professional look. It also has to incorporate the following ‘friendly’ logo!

Website Design for Health & Beauty Salon in Wales

London Web Design has just started work on a new website for a local health and beauty salon.

Ambience Health and Beauty salon is located within the Trefeddian Hotel in Aberdovey. Open to both non-residents as well as hotel guests it offers a wide range of health and beauty treatments for both men and women. As well as the standard health and beauty treatments, Ambience Health and Beauty also offer massage and alternative therapies.

Their website will contain details of these treatments and therapies along with contact details and a brochure download. The website will be coming soon and is expected to be expanded in the future to offer more services and information. Watch this space for its release.

Contact us for more Information-

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

A website provides invaluable advantages for businesses who have one.

7 reasons why your business needs a website are:

1. Convenience for customers
Using the Internet to search for businesses and products is much easier and faster than scouring through the Yellow Pages.

2. Provides greater exposure
Your website will be visible EVERYWHERE. You will no longer be tied to the limited geographic exposure of phone book entries. Also, more and more consumers are using the Internet to find businesses and the products/services they need - people can't purchase your product or service from you if they don't know you exist.

3. Say so much more
You can say so much more on a website than you could in any print advertisement, Yellow Pages entry, or TV/radio advertisement. There are no space restrictions or time restrictions on a website, so you can say as much as you want.

4. Inexpensive, effective advertising
Your customers will have a better knowledge of your products or services, as they are able to research your products or services in their own time, instead of having to rely on a furiously paced TV or radio ad to gather the information they need.

5. Saves money
You can save money on printing and postage costs for brochures, coupons, flyers, specials, newsletters, and other mailings.

6. Always available
Your website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you are unable to answer the phone, you can be sure that your website is available to answer your customers' questions for you.

7. Saves time
The time that you would have spent on the phone answering customers' questions can now be used to invest in growing your business.

Professional, Professional Web Design in Manchester

London Sevices can design high quality, professional website for companies of all sizes. Unlike many other companies, the websites we design not only look good but are easy to use.

We develop websites and web application that are easy to use and enjoyable to visit by using a variety of methods:

1- Consistent and appropriate navigation By keeping the navigation of the site consistent users can always easily move around the site. For example, the main navigation on this site is consistently at the top of the site, as users generally expect navigation to be at the top or on the left hand side. For sites with large numbers of pages, navigational items such as search boxes or tree-like lists may be appropriate.

2- Navigation Cues By giving visual cues to users about what is at the end of a link, users are encouraged to explore the site and are confident about what they will find (so there are no nasty surprises). For example, if a link has a picture of a speaker next to it they know to expect sound when they click the link.

3- Orientation It is important that users always know where on the site they are, otherwise they may become disorientated and leave the site confused. For example, see the orientation trail in the top right corner of this page.

4- Familiar Terminology As the web grows users become used to certain terminology and understand what to expect from it. A good example of this is "shopping cart" or "shopping basket", which many users understand how to use on an ecommerce site.

5- User Context Where appropriate, we make pages relevant to the particular user who is viewing them, rather than all pages being the same for everyone. This can range from just saying "Hello James" to a returning customer, to showing them products they have bought previously and recommending other products to them.

Accessible Web Design Nottingham - Web Design Services

Here at Design we don´t believe in re-selling templates to our clients, we provide each and every client with a tailored design that is suited to their individual marketing strategy. We build every website using the latest future proof CSS and XHTML technology.

In our experience, set priced packages can often restrict the flexibility of a project and limit the options available to the client. For that reason we offer a free one hour consultation where we:

1. Find out your business/organisation objectives and existing marketing strategy.
2. Identify the target audience and goals of the intended website
3. Listen to your ideas and expectations.
4. Offer professional advice, initial ideas and solutions.
5. Explain the development process we follow from concept to delivery.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

MAG Studios - Graphic & Website Design, London ON

WHERE CREATIVITY LIVES – From branding to websites, MAG Studios offers a creative home for all of your graphic design needs.

As a freelance design house, MAG Studios offers competitive rates and thanks to years of agency experience in Toronto and London, top-quality design work. Our diverse client list includes small to large businesses, charitable organizations, marketing firms and we switch gears to help promote the thriving local entertainment scene. Please take a moment to browse our portfolio to view our latest work.

If you would like a consultation, please contact us today – we would love to hear from you and listen to your vision and creative ideas!

Design London contemporary design fair

Design London will be devoted exclusively to contemporary design and furniture. This Fair will showcase a collection of the finest twentieth and twenty-first centuries design from around the world and as such is an exciting addition to London’s design scene.

Twenty of the world’s top design galleries have been selected to participate, demonstrating both a geographical and chronological survey of the design scene from the 1950s to today. Each gallery specializes in a specific time period, style or group of designers whether they hail from Paris, Shanghai or Italy. Works in limited editions or unique pieces range from the most renowned Post-war designers Jean Prouvé and Le Corbusier to leading contemporary names such as Marc Newson and the Bouroullec Brothers as well as emerging artists such as Joris Laarman and Maarten Baas.

Design London is aimed at serious collectors, curators, directors, dealers and artists and it is hoped that it will also broaden the public’s knowledge of the ever-growing contemporary furniture market.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

London Website Design & Development agency with bite

We are a creative design agency that works hand in glove with our clients to take them one step further, delivering real, tangible benefits to their businesses via the web.If it's to do with the web it's to do with us. We provide website design and development, web maintenance and online marketing, from our design studio in leafy West London.If you are looking for a creative, London based web design agency why not take a moment to look around our website and get to know us and our designers better?

As a vastly experienced web development and internet strategy company, we deliver stunning, high-quality website design and offer outstanding web branding at competitive prices. From basic website design to bespoke e-commerce and data integration, all our sites have customer impact. We design full e-commerce solutions and shopping cart systems with safe and secure credit card payment gateways. We deliver Content Management Systems (CMS) and database integration. Most of all – our award winning websites give our customers what they want – great looking sites that support and benefit their businesses.

London Ontario Web Design - London Ontario Web Hosting - Capitol Technologies London Ontario

MAG Studios offers ad-free web hosting, domain names, website and email address services. Our affordable hosting makes MAG Studios the best place to host your small business website or personal web site. Our reliable ad-low cost premium business web hosting services are also ideal for first-time webmasters. We are your web host for everything from

web site design, internet marketing tools, domain names, email addresses and powerful
web hosting services. Our custom website design packages are perfect for any small business interested in working one-on-one with a professional Web designer to build a totally customized site.

Website Design London

MAG Studios a good website design landon conforming to the latest and the strictest standards of the internet forms a very good foundation for a potentially large and beneficial sales and marketing platform.While designing our websites we follow the latest w3c and XHTML1.0 standards to make your websites easily accessible by search engine robotsand the numerous other web-users who scan the internet everyday looking for the best products and deals.

Our website navigation structure is designed and developed after studying various factors like market segment, client behavior, competitors websites etc. to ensure that the entry and exit pages of web-users are beneficial for the company.We understand the every company has a unique requirement when it comes to web designing. Where our responsibility is to project that uniqueness and make the website stand out from its competition. Unlike a run-of-the-mill website designing we make it a point to deliver a distinctive look to your website. Our web designing experts ensures that your website is search engine friendly, aesthetically appealing and user friendly. The quality of our client痴 accounts set us apart from our competitors and establishes our domain supremacy in New Delhi, India. This also helps us in achieving higher number of global orders in the advantage India scenario at the age of offshore outsourcing.

We're specialized in developing website's that work. We've the proven experience and expertise in designing website that succeed by bringing in enquiries, which generate sales and are an asset to your business. As a website design company we offer a full-circle approach in website design & web development where the actual web designing effort covers only 40% of the entire project pie; our website designing services covers strategic planning, business intelligence, creative, application development, product / service promotion & solution maintenance. Most of our time goes in understanding your business objectives, defining the problem and finally designing the best possible solution. Your website can offer you the best return for your investment, if done correctly.

The content that is displayed on the website has to be accurate, informative, descriptive and appealing to the web-user. We take care of the minutest details while placing content to ensure that the above mentioned objectives are met with perfection.After planning, designing and developing the website, the pages are worked on by our team of Search Engine Optimizers to ensure that your website is successful in making money for you. For more details regarding our Search Engine Optimizing services, please visit our Internet Marketing & Promotion section.

We are experts in developing simple and complex websites and offer a wide variety of value-added features that can convert your web presence to a power packed and efficient business tool. For more details on our online business. Read more..
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