Thursday, December 11, 2008

Spa Website Design, Logo Design, Boutique Business Card Design, Beautiful Graphics Sercives

This economical package features a 4-6 page website, ideal for small salons, nail salons, or practitioners working alone such as estheticians and massage therapists. Supply us with the website copy and we'll have your site up in two weeks. Fast and dependable service!

We specialize in beauty-full designs for all types of creative clients. From spas to interior design, stylist to makeup artists, we provide: one of a kind websites, luscious Logo Design, beautiful Brochures and booklets, deluxe Business Card Design, Label Designs and more. Let us create your unique visual identity... from elegant to whimsical, we create luxury design packages with beauty, class, elegance & flair!

Basic Web design Package for Salons:

This economical package features a 4-6 page website, ideal for small salons, nail salons, or practitioners working alone such as estheticians and massage therapists. Supply us with the website copy and your site will be up in two weeks. Fast and dependable service!

This perfect starter package can easily be expanded as your business grows.

  • Chose from several professionally crafted templates (single design interface)
  • Your salon logo inserted onto pages
  • Insertion of your digital photos
  • Light copy editing
  • Set up email accounts
  • Submission to major search engines
  • Guaranteed error free coding
  • Set up hosting account (hosting fee not included)
  • Domain name registration (fee not included)
  • Support package available
This website package can be modified to suit your requirements. For instance, additional pages can be added as required. If you don't have digital photos, we can provide images or we'll be happy to scan your images at reasonable rates.


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