Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What is vector marketing scam ?

Vector Marketing is the sales firm subsidiary of Alcas Corporation, a company that manufactures a diverse line of kitchen knives and accessories by the name of Cutco. The company doesn’t sell its product in stores, but rather through a one-on-one approach that involves personal demonstrations in the homes of potential customers on an appointment basis – the no cold-calling strategy is just another attractive aspect of job.

The opportunity for large profit is undeniable. Vector offers a guaranteed base pay of $16 per appointment or a weekly commission if it exceeds the money you earn from appointments. Commission varies from 10-30% based on your success, and even if you don’t make a sale you are guaranteed the $16 base pay. Considering that Cutco’s most popular knife set costs just under $1200, a Vector representative can earn well over $100 in just one appointment based on commission.

Troy Winkelman, a 19-year-old student from Wisconsin who worked at a ventilation fans manufacturer prior to Vector, was able to make $550 in just three hours of work.

“[Through Vector] I just paid for tuition, room, meals, gas, insurance, and repairs on my car,” said the Wisconsin College sophomore.

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Joanna said...

My daughter is in her first year of college and is majoring in Business Admin. She has been working for Vector Marketing for 6 months now and loves her job and the company. I am very happy she has the opportunity to work for such a great company!