Friday, July 4, 2008

Wake Up Later, Advertising, and Projects-a-Plenty

Blog Advertising
Today, I finally added an advertising section, figuring it'd be nice to cover the dedicated server, broadband, giveaways, and the occasional website conference trip. Until now, I've used the occasional affiliate link and a direct ad sale or two when requested (just enough to cover the server and fuel my beef jerky habit). As for many of the other monetization methods, I usually find them too "unnatural" for my taste.

Online Projects
These are the projects for which I budget most of my caffeine. I'm an evangelist of the fact that if you have decent design/development/writing skills and experience, you should either get involved in someone's startup project or start your own. So I have a couple projects of my own that I'm always working on. If you're mildly interested, you can check out Sola Interactive for the latest (lack of) news.

The Long and Short
Although the above are enjoyable, it's still freelancing that pays the bills (although sometimes, I think that I only freelance so I can do the other stuff). Currently, I'm mostly working with Flash, .Net, and the occasional CSS design/buildout.

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