Friday, April 24, 2009

Choosing Dental Logo Design Colors and Text

Your dental practice most likely has a marketing plan in effect, but do you have a logo design that can help "brand" your business into the minds of your patients and clients? An effective dental logo design should not only speak volumes of the type of practice that you have established, but should cause recognition by your patients when they see your logo in print ads, on business cards, featured in a television commercial, and more. Your logo design should convey the message that you are trying to get across to would-be patients and clients as well as give an insight into the type of practice that you are operating.

Custom Logo Design:

Your logo should incorporate design elements, symbols, and text that are unique to your dental practice and that give you the maximum amount of brand recognition. Many dental practices incorporate some type of symbol that is common in their field, such as a tooth, a toothbrush, etc., but you can use your creativity to come up with a symbol to include in your logo design that is different from those of your contemporaries. Having a logo in place that is unique is a great way to stand apart from your competition while marketing your business. You are limited solely by the limits of your imagination (or that of your logo designer) when it comes to getting a great logo to promote and enhance your marketing plan.

Choosing Dental Logo Design Colors and Text:

You can incorporate colors and text that will make your logo more aesthetically pleasing into your design concept. While it is suggested that most logos should be simplistic, adding a splash of color to your logo design can give it an added visual appeal that works well in drawing attention. Keep the main colors in your design to a minimum of three so as not to "overdo" the design of your logo. You should also select only the most readable text that is easy to see even for those who might have poor vision - you certainly don't want anyone to squint when reading your logo when its scaled down to fit onto letterhead.

Working with a Logo Design Specialist:

If you don't have the time or the skills to create a great logo for your dental practice, don't worry. There are many options available (some of them online) that will allow you to get your dream logo without paying a huge price. In fact, some of the best values to be found in dental logo design can be found on the Internet where competition is stiff and skill are superb - even the smallest dental office can afford a professionally designed logo in today's market.

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