Monday, June 23, 2008

Professional, Professional Web Design in Manchester

London Sevices can design high quality, professional website for companies of all sizes. Unlike many other companies, the websites we design not only look good but are easy to use.

We develop websites and web application that are easy to use and enjoyable to visit by using a variety of methods:

1- Consistent and appropriate navigation By keeping the navigation of the site consistent users can always easily move around the site. For example, the main navigation on this site is consistently at the top of the site, as users generally expect navigation to be at the top or on the left hand side. For sites with large numbers of pages, navigational items such as search boxes or tree-like lists may be appropriate.

2- Navigation Cues By giving visual cues to users about what is at the end of a link, users are encouraged to explore the site and are confident about what they will find (so there are no nasty surprises). For example, if a link has a picture of a speaker next to it they know to expect sound when they click the link.

3- Orientation It is important that users always know where on the site they are, otherwise they may become disorientated and leave the site confused. For example, see the orientation trail in the top right corner of this page.

4- Familiar Terminology As the web grows users become used to certain terminology and understand what to expect from it. A good example of this is "shopping cart" or "shopping basket", which many users understand how to use on an ecommerce site.

5- User Context Where appropriate, we make pages relevant to the particular user who is viewing them, rather than all pages being the same for everyone. This can range from just saying "Hello James" to a returning customer, to showing them products they have bought previously and recommending other products to them.

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