Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Google’s Advice for Getting Front Rankings in Organic Searches

Google has recently launched a book called “SEO Starter Guide” to help the webmasters understand the exact requirements for good ranking in its search research results. It comes straight from Google, so you might jump at the thought of getting a magic wand for good ranking. But it is not like that, all you get to know are some practices that can help your website to get good rankings. So, there is nothing called “secrets revealed” with this book, but since it comes from Google and everything is presented in a very simple way so you can read it and benefit from the enhanced knowledge.

You can perform certain tweaks and webmasters can also learn few things that work and few which don’t. You can find a detailed discussion of the following things and implementing them will definitely yield good results.
  • Focus on creation of the page titles that are unique, relevant and accurate.
  • Use the “description” Meta tags in clear and effective manner.
  • The URLs of the site must be improved.
  • Navigation of the site should be made easy and hassle free.
  • Do not compromise with the quality of content and services.
  • Anchor text should be given due importance while writing.
  • Images should also be optimized.
  • Use the Heading tags in appropriate manner.
  • Robot.txt should be utilized carefully.
  • “rel=nofollow” links should always be utilized in an efficient and non redundant manner.
There are tips and suggestions for the promotion of sites on mobile phones. Lastly, you must always rely on honest and sustained promotion for your website.


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